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Internet Background Checks Put Jobs Out of Reach for Many

Inexpensive online searches of criminal history databases are making it harder than ever for those with a record to find gainful employment. The information reported can be inaccurate or misleading, and may include misdemeanors or even arrests that did not lead to convictions. These costs fall hardest on people of color, who have disproportionate contact with the criminal justice system.

Grady Petition Offers Supreme Court a Fresh Chance to Reign In Constant Surveillance

New technologies are making it very easy — and very cheap — for the criminal justice system to track people’s whereabouts. When does such monitoring become an unreasonable search under the Fourth Amendment? A pending petition before the Supreme Court might elicit some answers.

Menstrual Cycle Tracking is Still Missing from Apple’s HealthKit

Apple’s HealthKit is a popular platform for tracking personal health and fitness data. But the platform has a striking omission: it doesn’t offer a way to track menstrual cycles.

A Look at the Net Neutrality Order

The FCC recently voted to reclassify broadband Internet service as a common carriage service. We summarize the order's key points, and survey initial reactions to it.

Ambitious New Program Teaches Prisoners to Code

A new initiative is training prisoners, who are soon to be released, to fill coding jobs in the short-staffed tech sector.